Denise Lynn Merkle, PhD

Denise Lynn Merkle, PhD, Director at Badderloch Woad, Inc., president of SciConsult, Inc., and 2018 Chair-Elect of the American Chemical Society DFW Local Section, is a consulting biochemist and inventor with experience in diverse areas of science as well as in government, academic, and corporate environments. Dr. Merkle holds a BA in Biochemistry from UMBC, and worked as a lab technician at UMBC and NIH before earning a PhD in Chemistry in the laboratory of Jeremy M. Berg, PhD at JHU. Formal education was followed by postdocs at UF and UNotre Dame, and a stint in AS/QC at MedImmune, after which SciConsult, Inc. was formed. The call of entrepreneurial pursuits was compelling. Merkle's intellectual property comprises early stage, pending, and issued patents, in areas such as immunological analyte detection, surface temperature control for playground equipment, motorsports gear, and insect culture. Since moving to TX in 1996, Dr. Merkle has actively participated in local scientific and community organizations, and has served ACS DFW LS as Chair, Councilor, Alternate Councilor, General Chair of SWRM 2004, Exhibits Chair of SWRM 2014, and contributor to the e-Retort. Merkle is a founding member, secretary-treasurer and meeting organizer for the Fort Worth Life Sciences Coalition, and is President of the Fairmount Community Garden.

Memberships: American Chemical Society (ACS); Protein Society; Divers Alert Network; SPIE; AAAS; FW Chamber of Commerce